Proud and representative of all Pathan Community, All Pakistan Pathanan-e-Guryani Charitable Association, has opened a Blook Bank Account No. 2927 in Husaini Blood Bank Karachi. Various peoples from Pathan community have donated blood in this account. Others are also requested to please donate blood generously in this blood account so that this account can serve anyone in emergency.

If you want to donate blood or need blood in emergency, then please contact any of the following representatives of charitable association on phone number given below;

Mr. M. Hashim Khan

Contact: 0322-2806963

Mr. Shoaid Ahmed Khan

Contact: 0333-2386735

Mr. Obaid Khan

Contact: 0333-2204638

Noman Pic

Mr. M Noman Khan

Contact: 0333-3728910

Mr. Khurran Ali Khan

Contact: 0305-2118121

Mr. Zaheer Alam Khan

Contact: 0312-2001465

Mr. Muneeb Ghazali Khan

Contact: 0308-7537809

Mr. Sami Khan

Contact: 0345-2809559

Mr. M. Mohsin Khan

Contact: 0300-2632711

Mr. Abdul Qadir Khan

Contact: 0345-3034369

Mr. Khalid Khan

Contact: 0315-2012708

Mr. Hammad Khalid (shani)

Contact: 0333-7008487

All peoples from Pathan community are requested to please fill out this Blood Donation Registration Form below voluntarily and send it to website on official whatsapp No. 0044 7448300241 or to e-mail address, so that we will make a city-wise database of those volunteers who are willing to donate blood in case of emergency. Everyone will have access to this database through website, and any person of Pathan community living in any city of Pakistan will be able to approach such volunteers in case if blood is required in emergency.