This Graveyard “Bagh-e-Guryani”, is situated in Baldia Town Area, near Mawach Goth, in-between PAF Base Masroor and “SUPARCO”. Around 1984, some ambitious peoples from Pathan community, established “All Pakistan Pathanan-e-Guryani Charitable Association”. Anticipating the necessity of a graveyard for community, land was procured for this graveyard in 1987. Construction work of boundary wall and installation of main gate in this graveyard were completed in 23rd March 1990. In that time, this association did its best to encourage the Pathan community to start using this graveyard but due to the reason of this graveyard being far away from central Karachi and availability of graves in city’s nearby graveyards, community peoples were reluctant to use it.This association was active in its social activities until 2004. Then, the responsibility of this graveyard was handed over to Mr. Muhammad Hashim Khan Naqshbandi, who took a good care of this graveyard from 2004 until today on his own and saved it from occupation of illegal land-grabers. Then in 17 February 2019, ambitious young generation of Pathan community held a meeting in this Association’s office situated at address A-107 Al-Aamna Plaza, Saddar Karachi. The meeting was presided over by Association’s president Mr. Muhammad Hashim Khan Naqshbandi. In this meeting, an action plan was agreed to re-activate this association and to restore this graveyard. The main gate of this graveyard got stolen so many years ago, thus a new main gate was installed. Carer-cum under-taker (Gorkan) was hired. In order to procure water, solar pump with solar plates is installed recently. Construction of funeral prayer place, ablution and a store room is being completed. Mr. Zahoor Ahmed Khan S/o. Hawaldaar Manzoor Ahmed Khan passed away on 10th January 2020 is a first person who got buried in this graveyard. After that another burial of a woman has also happened. A Bus is being procured for Funeral Service which will be available soon. All Pathan community members are informed that in case of any demise in community, please contact any of the Association’s member to procure funeral in this graveyard. Contact details of all Association members are given below. 

Mr. M. Hashim Khan

Contact: 0322-2806963

Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Khan

Contact: 0333-2386735

Mr. Obaid Khan

Contact: 0333-2204638

Mr. M. Noman Khan

Contact: 0333-3728910

Mr. Khurram Ali Khan

Contact: 0305-2118121

Mr. Zaheer Alam Khan

Contact: 0312-2001465

Mr. Muneeb Ghazali Khan

Contact: 0308-7537809

Mr. Sami Khan

Contact: 0345-2809559

Mr. M. Mohsin Khan

Contact: 0300-2632711

Mr. Abdul Qadir Khan

Contact: 0345-3034369

Mr. Khalid Khan

Contact: 0315-2012708

Mr. Hammad Khalid (shani)

Contact: 0333-7008487

Road Map to Bagh-e-Guryani Graveyard in Karachi

In order to reach “Bagh-e-Guryani” Graveyard, from Maripur area of Karachi, you will have to travel on Hub River Road M10 towards Suparco Road. While travelling on Suparco Road, you will cross “Eidhi Graveyard”, then after some distance there will be a small Shrine of “Gulab Shah Baba” on your left, while on your right “Bagh-e-Guryani” is situated on 3rd Plot from road.