Eye Specialist Dr. Shoaib Anwar

Dr. Shoaib Anwar S/o. Anwar Ahmed Khan S/o. Abdul Majeed Khan (contractor) born in Layyah. Got his initial education from Layyah, then joined medical college in Lahore and became Eye Specialist. He is most famous Eye Surgeon on whole district of Layyah. Allah Pak has blessed him with such a special cure that even though there is a month-long waiting list for his appointments, but people still trust him in his treatment and prefer to be treated by him. During his professional life, in addition of serving in Layyah, he has also served in Karor. Now he is serving in Bhakkar. He takes special care of Pathan community and gives them discount in his fee. May Almighty ALLAH Pak reward him with best future prospects. Ameen