Even after living thousands of miles away from Shahpur Chakar, Mr. Majid Khan Ghori and Mr. Jahanzeb Khan Ghori did not forget their ancestral city. By the grace of Almighty ALLAH PAK they are running various charity programmes in Shahpur Chakar which include distribution of monthly food ration to poor families, installation of hand pumps and procurement of stitching centre for poor girls.

In last 15 years, there has been numerous Earthquakes of low magnitude in Pakistan, which has caused earth plates to move. This has disturbed water channels below earth surface. In Shahpur Chakar and nearby areas, This has resulted in a situation where underground sweet water in many areas has turned into sour water. Now poor peoples are forced to bring drinking water from hand pumps installed far away from their homes. Watching this situation, Ghori Brothers has installed more than 50 hand pumps in Shahpur Chakar and nearby areas with the help of Donors. You can see the hand pumps installation work in pictures below.